Transformation of socio-geographic and demographic realities of Czechia in European and global contexts

Transformation of socio-geographic and demographic realities of Czechia in European and global contexts

The main topics of the research are as follows:

(i) a critical review of key concepts and methodological approaches;

(ii) empirical analyses of the regional, demografic, socio‑economic and socio‑cultural differentiation of society, the development of population growth, the demographic aging process and its impact on social/pension and health systems, the development of the settlement system, the urbanization process, the transformation and restucturalization of cities and countryside, mechanisms of the development of peripheries; migration processes, the impact of migration on demographic, social, economic, cultural, political and geogaphical structures, analyses of migration and integration policies, the integration of migrants into the majority society; assessment of the integration of border regions into European structures, the impact of EU policies; the globalization process, analyses of the impact of the economic crisis, the transformation of economic ties, flows of goods and capital, the formation of transportation systems, global problems of the world and foreign aid; assessment of territorial loads, consequences for local and regional communities and settlement systems;

(iii) a synthetizing assessment of the socio‑spatial and demographic changes in Czechia in European and global contexts with special regard to an interpretation of driving forces, mechanisms, actors/subjects of the change on various regional‑hierarchical levels and analyses of the demographic situation in Czechia within the EU. Results of the research are used in academic, research and decision‑taking circles (namely, city, regional, national offices, EU institutions, UN, non‑governmental sector etc.).

Selected outputs

  • Kážmér, L., Dzúrová, D., Csémy, L, Spilková, J. (2014): Multiple health risk behaviour in Czech adolescents: Family, school and geographic factors. Health & Place, 29, 18–25

  • Dzúrová, D., Winkler, P., Drbohlav, D. (2014): Immigrants’ Access to Health Insurance: No Equality without Awareness. International Journal of Invironmental Research and Public Health, 11, 7, 7144–7153

  • Semian, M., Chromý, P. (2014): Regional identity as a driver or a barrier in the process of regional development: A comparison of selected European experience. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift – Norwegian Journal of Geography, 68, 5, 263–270. (IF=0.698)

  • Drbohlav, D., Štych, P., Dzúrová, D., (2013): Smuggled versus Not-smuggled across the Czech Border. International Migration Review, 47, 1, 207–238

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