How to Apply

Charles University has 17 independent faculties and each faculty has its own specific application procedure and admission requirements.

5 Easy steps to apply:

1. search branch of study, find out more about study programmes and check the specific requirements:

a) Study in English, German or French (with tuition fees)

b) Medicine in English (with tuition fees)

c) Study in Czech (free of charge)

2. have your previous education recognized in the Czech Republic (this can be done later, after you have received your diploma):

a) Recognition of foreign education for applicants to study programmes at Charles University Recognition of foreign secondary education and higher education for the purposes of the admission procedure - for applicants to study programmes at Charles University only

b) General recognition of foreign higher education (university diplomas and certificates) - processed by CU

Recognition of foreign higher education (university diplomas) for all graduates of foreign higher education institutions who need the recognition for the purpose of further study at any other university or for the purpose of employment or other reasons.

c) General recognition of foreign secondary schools diplomas (Graduates of foreign schools who have received a certificate confirming completion of primary, secondary or higher vocational education may apply for the recognition to the Regional Authority.

3. fill the online application form (be aware that some faculties have their own application forms)

4. pay the application fee, if required (approximately USD 30-50)

5. print, sign and send the official application form, generated by the online system, to the respective faculty together with the following documents:

  • a notarised copy of your secondary school leaving certificate or your Bachelor’s diploma or your Master’s diploma

  • an official transcript of records from your previous university studies

  • an official translation of the two above into Czech (translation is not required if the original documents were issued in English)

  • a certificate of equivalence from Czech educational authorities which states that your certificate/diploma is recognised in the Czech Republic (called “nostrification”), if you completed your previous education abroad

  • a receipt to show that you have paid the application fee

Those who are still working towards their certificates and diplomas may submit these documents later. The deadline for submitting the supporting documents is September 30, or October 23 for applicants who obtain their secondary school leaving certificate at the start of the autumn term.

Application deadlines

a) February 28 or March 31 for bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes taught in Czech; April 30 for doctoral programmes taught in Czech.

b) Application deadlines for bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes taught in English can be found on the websites of the respective faculties. Application deadlines for doctoral programmes taught in English can be also found on the websites of the respective faculties.

The academic year always starts on October 1. No extension of the deadlines is possible. Remember that all forms must be delivered in time. Your application cannot be accepted after the closing date for any reason whatsoever.

The minimum entry requirements are:

a) a completed secondary education before entering the first year of a Bachelor’s or an undivided Master’s degree programme;

b) a completed Bachelor’s degree before entering the first year of a follow-up Master’s degree programme;

c) a completed Master’s degree in a related field of study before entering the first year of doctoral programmes.

Entrance Exams

All applicants who submit the required materials by the deadline will be invited to sit an entrance exam (if one is required). Entrance examinations are normally held within the period of May to June, unless the faculty determines otherwise, for example adjusting to the period when foreign nationals obtain their certification. Entrance exams are conducted primarily in the Czech language with the exception of exams for study programmes which will be taught in English, in which case the entrance procedure will be directed in English. Foreign nationals who did not attend high school in the Czech Republic and are applying for a study programme taught in Czech may be required to take an additional test to demonstrate their Czech language ability.

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