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Research Funding at Charles University and in the Czech Republic

Charles University Research Development Schemes (PRVOUK)

The Charles University Research Development Schemes (known under the Czech acronym PRVOUK) have been providing institutional support for research at Charles University since 2012. The schemes are financed from the funding received from the state budget to support the University’s long-term strategic development as a research organization (known as ‘institutional funding’). The aim of the schemes is to maintain and improve the quality and quantity of research outputs at the University – not only on a national level, but also internationally.

The schemes are open for a five-year period (until the end of 2016), at this time (autumn 2017) the whole programme is evaluated by Science Board.

PRVOUK incorporated 48 programmes ranging from humanities and social sciences to medicine and natural sciences. All 17 faculties and 4 other parts of the University were involved in the programmes, some of which were involve cooperation among different faculties.

A successor (continuator) of the PRVOUK programme is currently new programme PROGRESS.

University Research Centres (UNCE)

In accordance with its Long-term Plan, Charles University operates the University Research Centres (known under the Czech acronym UNCE) to provide targeted support to ambitious young academics doing high-quality basic research. The proposal for the competition was approved unanimously by the faculty Deans at a special session of the Rector’s Collegium on 6 June 2011 and at the session of the University Research Board on 30 June 2011. In 2011 applications for a total of 47 projects were submitted (13 from humanities and social sciences, 34 from medicine and natural sciences), of which 27 were approved for funding (9 from humanities and social sciences, 18 from medicine and natural sciences). The Research Centres will remain active for 6 years (until 2017).

Primus Reseach Programme

Since 2016 has Charles University announced Primus Research Programme for talented young researchers. This programme is particularly for those who are currently employed at the CU after a long internship abroad return, or those who would like to perform their research at CU. The programme aims to support the top researchers in the establishment and development of new scientific and research groups and laboratories. One of the long-term goals is to increase the success of the university in attracting international grants (e.g. Grants from the European Research Council - ERC).

Charles University Monographs Competition

The primary aim of this competition is to reward the authors of high-quality monographs and their ‘home’ faculties (or other parts of the University). The competition is intended to complement the existing system of institutional funding to higher education institutions. The most important monographs published by the University during a given period are evaluated by two expert committees (one for humanities and the other for medicine and natural sciences) according to clearly defined standards that must be met by any publication for it to be considered a major contribution to its field. The competition is open to faculties and other parts of the University which receive institutional funding to support their long-term strategic development.

Specific Academic Research Projects Competition

The purpose of this competition is to support research pursued at the University as part of accredited doctoral and Master’s degree programmes. The competition is held annually for projects lasting one year. It is open to research teams from all faculties and CERGE (the Centre for Economic Research and Graduate Education).

Charles University Grant Agency (GAUK)

The University’s internal grant funding system includes the Charles University Grant Agency (GAUK), which was established in 1993 and is the only internal grant agency within the University. Applications to fund new projects or to extend the provision of funding to current projects can only be submitted by students matriculated at Charles University in a doctoral or Master’s degree programme. The opening of the applications procedure for each new year is announced at the start of the academic year. Applications are submitted via the GAUK web application.

The provision of grant funding is governed by the GAUK Guidelines, which are discussed and approved by the Research Board and the University Academic Senate; the Guidelines are also registered with the Ministry of Education. Other bodies involved in the system are the Charles University Grants Board, the GAUK Supervisory Board, and three GAUK subject-area boards (for social sciences, natural sciences and medicine).

Research Funding in the Czech Republic

Czech Science Foundation (GAČR)

The Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) was established in 1993. It is an independent institution providing grants to fund basic research via projects ranging from 1 to 5 years in duration. The Czech Science Foundation provides funding for research projects which are selected annually on the basis of a public competition. It also finances projects implemented via bilateral and European international programmes. Every year the Foundation receives around 3000 applications for grant funding, of which around a quarter are successful. Charles University has been receiving GAČR funding since 1996; the University currently accounts for almost 20 per cent of all GAČR-funded projects.

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR)

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR) is a state body which was set up in 2009 to centralize state support for applied research and development. The Agency’s main role is to prepare and implement programmes for applied research, experimental development and innovation, thus helping to boost the Czech Republic’s competitiveness and support economic growth. One of the key benefits of the Agency’s work is the strengthening of ties between research institutions and the commercial sector. Charles University has been a recipient of TAČR funding for projects since 2010, when the Agency announced its first public competition as part of the ALFA programme. In the third competition almost a third of the projects submitted by Charles University were approved for funding – twice the average success rate.

Internal Grant Agency of the Ministry of Health (IGA MZ)

The Internal Grant Agency of the Czech Ministry of Health (IGA MZ) is an expert advisory body of the Health Ministry with responsibility for health care-related research and development. Funding from IGA MZ is targeted at applied research and development projects aiming to acquire new knowledge that is applicable for a defined practical purpose in health care. IGA MZ represents one of the tools for achieving the Ministry’s Applied Health Care Research and Development Strategy for 2010–2015.

Development of National and Cultural Identity Programmes (NAKI, NAKI II)

NAKI and NAKI II are research programmes run by the Ministry of Culture to support applied research and development projects connected with national and cultural identity and cultual heritage. The duration of the NAKI programme is the period 2011–2017. Three public competitions (for 2011, 2012 and 2013) have been held within the programme; 13 projects featuring Charles University have been approved for funding. The duration of the NAKI II programme is the period 2016–2022.

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