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Charles University Long-term Plan (Including Updates)

The Long-term Plan of a Czech public higher education institution sets out plans for its activities in education, research, development, innovation, artistic and other creative activities. A Long-term Plan is the institution’s basic development policy document and serves as a guide when making funding decisions.

The draft Plan is presented by the Rector to the Academic Senate of the University for approval; the Plan covers a period of four years.

Throughout the period covered by the Long-term Plan, the Rector proposes updates of the Plan for the relevant calendar year and submits them to the Academic Senate for approval.

Charles University Long-term Plan 2016-2020

Charles University Long-term Plan 2016-2020

Approved by the Charles University Academic Senate, June 2015

Charles University Long-term Plan 2011-2015

The Long-term Plan was approached by the Academic Senate on 21 January 2011.

Long-term Plan update 2012 (in Czech)

Long-term Plan update 2013 (in Czech)

Besides the Long-term Plan, other key policy documents include the Annual Report, which assesses the fulfilment of the Long-term Plan and its updates, and the Annual Financial Report, which is an instrument for controlling the financial performance of a higher education institution and the efficiency and expediency with which its resources are managed. The draft Annual Report is submitted by the Rector to the Academic Senate for approval.

A budget is drawn up by the University for each calendar year. Besides the income generated by the activities of the University, the budget is drawn mainly from contributions and subsidies from the state budget. It is a legal requirement that there should not be a budget deficit.

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