Support for people with special needs and taking care of them

Support for people with special needs and taking care of them

Research of the early development of children with multiple disabilities and its support, strategies of subsequent rehabilitation and education of children with cochlear implants. Searching for and verification of knowledge of how different social policies strengthen the full‑value and effective participation of people with disabilities in the social and economic life of the society. The European labour market is only partially able to offer employment to people with disabilities. Gender, age and disability determine the variety of job opportunities. Differences in the availability and use of new technologies in various types of disabilities can strengthen active citizenship or, on the other hand, weaken it. This is especially true for people with mental disabilities. Public and Social Administration determines the access to new technologies. Adapted new technologies effect changes in the life of an individual, including short‑term changes in education, employment, life in the community, but also long‑term fundamental changes that will improve the economic independence and social integration of a person with disabilities. Obstacles in terms of finance, technology and availability limit the options to acquire customized technology. Information barriers hinder individual choice in the market of tailored technology and procedural barriers limit effective access to it.

Selected outputs

  • SMYTH, F., SHEVLIN, M., BUCHNER, T., BIEWER,G., FLYNN,P.,  LATIMIER, C., ŠIŠKA, J., TOBOSO-MARTÍN,M.,  RODRÍGUEZ DÍAZ , S., & M. A.V. FERREIRA (2014) Inclusive education in progress: policy evolution in four European countries. European Journal of Special NeedsEducation, DOI: 10.1080/ 08856257.2014.922797.

  • ALBORZ, A., CAHIL, C., WAPIENNIK, E., ŠIŠKA, J., JOHANSSON, E. The Specific Risks od Discrimination Againts Persons in Situation of Major Dependence or with Complex Needs, Report on European Study, Volume 3: Country Report and Stakeholder Interview. Bruxelles : Inclusion Europe, 2012. 436 pp. ISBN 2-87460-095-4.

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