Media in the public sphere

Media in the public sphere

Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University

Guarantor of the project: PhDr. Alice Němcová Tejkalová, Ph.D.

Leading representatives of the research team: doc. Filip Láb, Ph.D., PhDr. Anna Shavit, Ph.D., PhDr. Petr Bednařík, Ph.D., prof. Martin Štoll, Ph.D.

Contacts: Alice Němcová Tejkalová ( ), Filip Láb ( ), Anna Shavit ( ), Petr Bednařík ( ), Martin Štoll ( )

Several groups involved in international teams which approach the topic from different theoretical perspectives are gathered in this research. The group focused on the research of journalism and photojournalism focuses on the analysis of media content, the working conditions of journalists and changes in them, ethical principles, the relationship between journalists and their sources, the influence of media ownership on the media industry, the relationship between politics, business and journalism, and so on. The team is involved in the largest ever international comparative research in this area, the Worlds of Journalism Study – Political communication and political marketing researchers focus on the so called new media and their potential for political and civic participation, as well as political campaigns. The research into the history of media has recently focused on the implementation of the three year project “Czech media in 1945–1948”. The research in the field of cultural studies is interested in the study of popular culture, especially television shows and in the Czech environment significantly anchored television series.

Selected outputs

  • TEJKALOVÁ, Alice N. et al. (2017). In Media We Trust: Journalists and Institutional Trust Perceptions in Post-authoritarian and Post-totalitarian Countries. Journalism Studies. 18(5), 629–644.

  • ŠTEFANIKOVÁ, Sandra - LÁB, Filip. (2016). Transformation of photojournalism practice in the Czech Republic in the age of digital technology. Journalism, August 9, 2016, doi: 10.1177/1464884916663622.

  • REIFOVÁ, Irena. (2015). A study in the history of meaning-making: Watching socialist television serials in the former Czechoslovakia. European Journal of Communication, 30(1): 79–94.

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