Algebraic and geometric structures of the modern mathematics

Algebraic and geometric structures of the modern mathematics

Recent decades brought to the world mathematics an explosion of new methods and theories based on an intensive interaction between mathematics and modern theoretical physics. The project of the E. Čech Institute (ECI) reflects this evolution. Carefully chosen topics bridge categorical and cohomological algebra, differential geometry, algebraic topology and geometric analysis, to string theory and integrable systems in physics. The research is organized in teams around J. Rosický, J. Slovák, R. Von Unge in Brno, V. Souček, J. Trlifaj, M. Markl, B. Jurčo a M. Schnabl in Prague, and M. Engliš, M. Marvan in Opava. The main part of the budget is used to support a broad international cooperation. ECI opens a competition for 9 post‑doctoral positions every year, steered by an international Board. This burst of activities provides a multiple effect on the overal productivity of the Czech research in a very broad and challenging spectrum of relevant topics. Two monographs and almost 80 papers in IF journals were published during the first 3 years of the project.

Selected outputs

  • Markl M.: Deformation theory of algebras and their diagrams, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 2012.

  • Jurčo B., Münster K.: Type II superstring field theory: geometric approach and operadic description, Jour. High Energy Physics, 4 (2013), 1-37.

  • Šťovíček J.: Derived equivalences induced by big cotilting modules, Adv. Math., 2263 (2014), 45-87.

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