ISIC Cards: FAQs

1. What types of student cards are issued by Charles University? What is a CU-ISIC Student Card?

When you enrol at Charles University, you can choose between two types of student identity cards:

  • CU Student Card

  • CU-ISIC Student Card

When getting his or her first CU student card, each student opts either for a simple CU Student Card or for a CU-ISIC Student Card (International Student Identity Card). For more information on CU student cards see here.

2. What is ISIC? Why should I buy a CU-ISIC Student Card?

ISIC is the only internationally recognized student identity card. Its holder gains access to a wide range of benefits and discounts all across the Czech Republic and in more than 120 other countries around the world. CU students have the attractive option of getting a CU Student Card that is merged with the ISIC format, thus enabling the student to use all standard Charles University services and also benefit from ISIC-related discounts.

3. How and where can I get a CU-ISIC Student Card?

CU-ISIC Student Cards are issued by Charles University card service centres in Prague, Hradec Králové and Plzeň. These cards (and ISIC validation stickers) CANNOT be obtained in the GTS ALIVE s.r.o. network of service centres nor from this company's commercial partners! The Charles University card service centres also sell ISIC validation stickers (see below).

4. How much is the annual fee? Is the CU-ISIC card cheaper compared to the standard ISIC?

A CU-ISIC Student Card costs CZK 230 (this sum is used to cover the overhead costs of the ISIC scheme). Extending the validity of your CU card as an International Student Identity Card (the extension is indicated by a hologram sticker on its reverse side) also costs CZK 230.

A standard annual ISIC fee is CZK 300. CU-ISIC Student Card holders thus save CZK 110 per year, i.e. CZK 550 if they study for five years.

5. How long is the card valid for? Do I have to get a new card every year, as with the standard ISIC?

Because the CU Student Card merged with the ISIC format (the CU-ISIC Student Card) has two separate groups of functions, it is necessary to distinguish between its validity as an identity card for Charles University students and its validity as an International Student Identity Card.

Validity as a CU student ID card:

The ID card is renewed annually when you register for the given academic year. Your faculty issues you with a voucher which, together with the ID card, serves as proof of your enrolment at that faculty in the given academic year.

ISIC validity:

The initial validity commencement date is printed on the front side of a newly issued CU-ISIC card. After the ISIC function expires, the card can no longer be used for ISIC purposes: it is no longer accepted by discount providers or other entities. The ISIC function can be renewed by purchasing a validation sticker (see below).

The ISIC function of the card expires after 16 months at the latest. Standard validity is from the beginning of September till the end of December of the following year, e.g. 09/2012 – 12/2013.

The ISIC function of your CU-ISIC Student Card always EXPIRES after December 31. Check its current validity on your card!

6. Why should I renew my CU-ISIC card (buy an ISIC validation sticker)?

Maintaining or renewing the ISIC function in merged ISIC-and-University cards can only be done by purchasing the validation sticker (whereby you pay the ISIC licence fee). If you renew the ISIC function, your merged card will continue to work as an ISIC card and will still be accepted by ISIC contractual partners/discount providers.

A student card whose ISIC function has not been renewed is automatically deleted from the national and international DATABASES OF VALID ISIC CARDS and will not be accepted by any of the ISIC contractual partners, whether in the Czech Republic or abroad.

7. What happens if I do not pay the licence fee (i.e. if I do not buy an ISIC validation sticker)?

Without payment of the ISIC licence fee, the merged CU-ISIC Student Card loses its ISIC function and, after expiry of the initial ISIC validity period, will no longer be accepted by ISIC contractual partners/discount providers (see above). Any attempts by the holder to use the card with an expired ISIC function to get a discount or any other benefit may result in seizure of the card.

8. Can I not use the voucher from my faculty to renew my ISIC? The voucher is free.

As stated above, the faculty voucher is merely a proof of your enrolment at the given faculty in the given academic year. It has no relevance for the ISIC function of your card, which can only be renewed with the validation sticker.

9. Does the CU-ISIC Student Card have the same validity as the standard ISIC? Am I guaranteed to get the full range of ISIC-related discounts and benefits with this card?

This type of card merges two functions: it is an ID card for students of the University, while also serving as an International Student Identity Card. Its holder can use it for all purposes normally associated with a standard University student ID, and also gains access to many benefits, just like the holders of standard ISIC cards – provided, of course, that the card is still valid in both its aspects, i.e. also for ISIC purposes (see above).

10. Can I get a CU-ISIC Student Card if I am 26 or older?

Yes. A University card merged with the ISIC format can be issued to any full-time student and also to students pursuing their studies in what the University regulations call “combined form” (part classroom, part distance learning) provided that the proportion of classroom teaching (the number of teaching hours) in their curriculum does not fall below 50 per cent of the amount for full-time students during at least six consecutive months. There is no maximum age limit for ISIC eligibility.

11. Where can I get information on discounts offered to ISIC card holders?

ISIC offers its holders a wide range of discounts and benefits in the Czech Republic and in more than 120 countries of the world.

Discounts on skiing passes in ski resorts across the Czech Republic: 10 to 30 per cent.

Discounts on admission to music and film festivals: 10 to 50 per cent.

Special price offers for travel and travel-related products: air and railway tickets, accommodation, travel insurance and a number of other travel products at best prices for ISIC card holders.

Restaurants, transportation, shops, sports... – discounts at more than 2,000 points of sale all over the Czech Republic.

For a database of current discount offers see

13. Is there special travel insurance for ISIC card holders?

As an ISIC card holder you can get an attractive one-year travel insurance deal, either online at or from selected providers (the network of providers can be found at Your CU-ISIC card must be valid for the given academic year (the ISIC validity period is printed on the front side in the first academic year following issue or indicated by an ISIC validation sticker).

The travel insurance is offered by UNIQA and is valid throughout your ISIC card's current validity period. The cost differs depending on the type(s) of insurance included, starting at CZK 200. Since 2010, UNIQA has also been offering a new product specially designed to cover long-term stays abroad. Costing CZK 1,600, this insurance enables the holder to travel abroad for up to 180 consecutive days. It is thus a reasonably-priced, high-quality travel insurance choice e.g. for Erasmus students and similar potential clients.

UNIQA travel insurance is the only officially marketed travel insurance product specially designed for ISIC card holders.

For detailed information on UNIQA travel insurance and eligibility conditions see

14. What should I do if I no longer have my CU-ISIC Student Card (I have lost it, it has been stolen or destroyed)?

It is in your best interest to report the loss to the University as soon as possible. You can do it either in person at the nearest card service centre, or via the internet. You can then ask at one of the card service centres to be issued with a duplicate card.

The replacement of your card or its holder is subject to payment:

- CU-ISIC Student Card: CZK 430

- Transparent card holder: CZK 10

The above does not apply when you need a new card because of a change in personal data or a technical failure for which you are not responsible.

15. What should I do if I have been refused a discount?

First check that your ISIC was valid at the time when you claimed the discount (see above). If it was indeed valid, and if the discount you are entitled to as an ISIC card holder was nevertheless denied, you should report the incident to GTS ALIVE s.r.o. (this company is the official distributor of ISIC cards in the Czech Republic) via their web form - available at The employees of GTS ALIVE s.r.o. will do their best to sort out the problem.

16. Where can I get answers to my questions about ISIC?

Please contact the ISIC Information Service

Office hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 17:00.

Phone: 226 222 333


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