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A Word from the Rector

Welcome to the website where the past blends with the future and vision with tradition, together creating an educational institution for the 21st century – Charles University. In the spirit of our best traditions we develop knowledge and critical thought and aim to continue being a symbol of education, culture and morality.

Charles University is a leading research university that combines high-quality science, research and education on both a global and national scale. Our goal is not, however, to be merely a scientific and pedagogical institution; in the spirit of Humboldt, we also place emphasis on a positive relationship with the broader European public, of which we are an integral part.

We accept the challenge of the future, consisting, amongst other things, of transdisciplinary inspiration and interdisciplinary cooperation replacing the traditional closed attitude of departments. Charles University gives systematic support for interaction between scientific and humanities departments, the sharing of unique technologies, the interdepartmental exchange of findings and approaches and intergenerational dialogue that exceeds the boundaries of individual departments.

Academic freedom and freedom of research and teaching are amongst the fundamental values honoured by our alma mater. Every academic member of staff, every student, every one of us carries within themselves a set of academic values that has been handed down for centuries and which must be protected and reinforced for centuries to come.

Thank you for helping to create a free, self-confident and open Charles University.

prof. Tomáš Zima

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