Instuctions for thesis submiting

Text of the Thesis

Students are recommended to use the following instructions for saving or exporting their thesis into the PDF/A format required by the inner ordinance — Opatření rektora 13/2017. The instructions are designated to be used for conversion of the thesis itself, however it is strongly recommended to use them also in case of an annex creation (even for image appendixes). According the provision, students are obligated to submit a text of the thesis in PDF/A format version 1a or 2u. PDF/A 1a can easily be created by common office applications.

It is necessary (with exception of TeX to convert text of the thesis from one source file (.doc, .docx, .odt).

Please, use following links to get a detail instructions for particular applications.


Microsoft Word 2010 (commercional)

Microsoft Word 2013 (commercional)

Microsoft Word 2016 (free for students of Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education)

LibreOffice Writer (open source)

OpenOffice (open source)

Export from TeX (open source)

Please note - Microsoft Word 2007 is not able to create PDF/A 1a!


LibreOffice Writer (open source)

OpenOffice (open source)

Export from TeX (open source)


LibreOffice Writer (open source)

OpenOffice (open source)

Export from TeX (open source)

Known problems and troubleshooting

  • Wrong combination of font and character set - Change the font. Especially in case of non-latin symbols is possible that they are not included in used font.

  • Use of non-standard symbol (e.g. as a bullet) – try to change a type of bullets or use another symbol.

  • Used application converts some features of your thesis incorrectly

    • Use another recommended application (according out experience best output if from Libre Office)

    • Use computer with different operation system (e.g. Windows 7 instead of Windows 10)

    • Change the format – conversion between .doc and .docx can remove problematic characteristics

  • During saving of the file use option „Minimal size“ (MS Word) or „Reduce image resolution“  (Libre / Open Office).


Text annex(es)

PDF/A (version 1a or 2u) is mandatory also for annexes with character of text. However, it is recommended to include them into the file containing the text of the thesis.

See instructions above.

Image annex(es)

Students are strongly recommended use PDF/A (version 1a or 2u) for image annexes. If not possible, JPEG format can be used.

Audio annex(es)

Allowed formats are:

  • Waveform audio format (WAV, *.wav nebo *.wave)

  • Moving Picture Experts Group Phase Audio Layer III (.mp3)

Audiovisual (video) annex(es)

Allowed formats are:

  • Moving Picture Experts Group Phase 2 (MPEG-2, *.vob)

  • Moving Picture Experts Group Phase 4 (MPEG-4, *.mp4)

Annex(es) with character of data (tables)

Allowed formats are:

  • Comma-separated values (CSV, *.csv)

  • Extensible Markup languge (XML, *.xml) – submission package must contain relevant XSD or DTD

  • Plain text file (*.txt)

Annex(es) in non-approved formats

In special cases, other than the formats mentioned above, these can be submitted. The exception was created with regard of scientific or research data, software, computer application or simulations. Submission must be accompanied with application containing:


Title of the Thesis


Author ‘s name


Reasons for the application


Format of the attachment (including version or other specifications) or program language (including version)


Applications necessary for rendering or use of attachment(s)


Operation system (including version)


License information


List of submitted files


Any other relevant information (for example list and description od used modules and libraries)

Fields a. – h. are mandatory. In case of obvious irrelevance use N/A. Application should be approved by faculty coordinator for thesis.

Charles University cannot guarantee a long term preservation of annex(es) in non-approved formats.

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