COURSES for International Students

Courses Taught in English and in Other Foreign Languages

Every faculty offers a variety of courses and seminars in English, German, French and other foreign languages. Most of the faculties present the lists of courses on their websites:

Faculty of Arts

Please, select from the offers of previous years (most of the subjects are repeated yearly):

First Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Education

Second Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Science

Third Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Medicine in Plzeň

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové

Faculty of Social Sciences

Protestant Theological Faculty

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové,-Foreign-Relations/Foreign-Relations/Erasmus/Incoming/

Catholic Theological Faculty

Hussite Theological Faculty


The best place to look for classes at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and Faculty of Humanities is the search engine in the Charles University's Student Information System (SIS), which includes a search engine here:  Please note, however, that this system includes classes from ALL the faculties of Charles University, taught in ALL languages, and that also classes taught in Czech are listed here.  So please make sure you always choose "Faculty of Social Sciences" or "Faculty of Mathematics and Physics" or "Faculty of Humanities" from the drop-down box, and always double-check the language of instruction and the semester in the course description.

Please, note that the Student Information System does NOT include the full list of subjects taught in foreign languages at other faculties of the Charles University! If you are nominated to study at any other faculty than the three faculties mentioned here, use the faculty website (indicated above) to search for suitable subjects. 85-90% of subjects taught in foreign languages is repeated yearly.   

Czech Language Courses

Most faculties offer a number of Czech language classes at various levels, from beginners to intermediate. Incoming students are welcome to register for these. However, because the classes are not part of the standard curriculum, they are not financed by the Czech Ministry of Education. Some faculties therefore can make a small charge to cover their costs.  For details of different courses please contact the course/faculty co-ordinators:

List of Czech Language Courses Co-ordinators:


Course Co-ordinator


Faculty of Arts

Bc. Jana Tvrzová

Faculty of Education

PhDr. Ludmila Šterbová

Departement of Czech Language

Faculty of Science

Doc. PhDr. Jana Přívratská, CSc.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Edita Frantesová

Faculty of Physical Education And Sports

PhDr. Eva Pokorná, PhD.

Ing. Dana Basařová

First Faculty of Medicine

Prof. PhDr. Milada Říhová, CSc.

Second Faculty of Medicine

MUDr. Rudolf Černý, CSc.

Third Faculty of Medicine

Doc. PhDr. Jana Přívratská, CSc.

Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové

Mgr. Ilona Shejbalová

Section of Forein Languages

Protestant Theological Faculty

Mgr. Peter Stephens

Faculty of Humanities

Eliška Rolfová

Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC)

The EILCs are open to students who have been selected for an LLP/Erasmus study/placement.

Different schools and/or universities organise EILC for Erasmus incoming students.

If you wish to join in the EILC programme, please contact EILC organising institution directly or Czech National Agency for European Educational Programmes.

Applications shall be submitted electronically to the students’ home institution, which will be responsible for forwarding the application to the EILC organising institution.

The courses run during the summer holidays, usually at the end of August/beginning of September and during winter, until the end of February.

Detailed information, a list of organizing institutions, application forms and contacts can be found at:

National Agency for European Educational Programmes - Centre for International Services

Senovážné náměstí 24

116 47 Praha 1 (Czech Republic)

Website :


Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate TEEME - Text and Event in Early Modern Europe

TEEME is an international doctoral programme in early modern studies funded by the European Union. It is structured around a unique collaboration between university-based researchers in the Humanities and the cultural and creative sector in four EU countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic).

The partnership will foster intercultural dialogue and disseminate the best research in history, literature and culture to the wider community.

Detailed inrmation is available at

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