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November 2023


 CU Point


 for international students


Dear International Students,

we hope you have started the winter semester successfully and you are enjoying your studies at Charles University. If there is anything you are not sure about, please don't hesitate to contact us for help. This is our first piece of advice... take study breaks, explore the charming city of Prague, and relish the student life!

We have highlighted some interesting events taking place at our university and provided some useful updates. You'll also find news and events specifically tailored for our doctoral students in a dedicated section below.

Don't forget to check out the upcoming events organised via the Fit & Smart Student framework which focuses on maintaining a healthy mind-body balance. To help you stay up-to-date on all our upcoming events, we recommend following the CU Point Calendar and Charles University Calendar.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events and have a wonderful autumn!

Your CU Point


Everyday Mindfulness


NOV 14 Take a break from studies and come to our mindfulness workshop. An experienced lecturer, Michal Dvořák will help you to understand how to regulate stress, repetitive thoughts, or strong emotions.

HYB4 Workshop: Basic Woodworking Skills and Techniques


NOV 15 Unleash your creativity and attend a woodworking course organised by Hybernská Campus. Learn fundamental skills and practice them under expert guidance.

HYB4 Music: Sungazer


NOV 15 A year after the sold-out concert American music duo Sungazer will perform at the Hybernská Campus again! Sungazer is an international Future Jazz duo featuring YouTuber/bassist Adam Neely and drummer Shawn Crowder.

First Aid Course


NOV 22 takes place First Aid Course led by our student ambassadors from medical faculties. Learn essential skills to confidently respond to a variety of emergency situations, which might come in handy when we least expect it.

Christmas Charity Event


DEC 5 We invite you to the International Volunteer Day with the Volunteer Centre of Charles University. Together we will write Christmas cards for lonely seniors. Come and enjoy the pre-Christmas atmosphere.

Writing Academic Essays for University (pregradual students)


DEC 6 Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your academic skills and join us for an interactive online workshop focused on academic writing. Discover the essentials in two engaging 90-minute sessions.



The MindRun project was created to support the mental and physical health of students. We would like to create a community of runners who support each other and run together to clear our minds and enjoy the happiness from the movement.

4EU+ certified courses


Are you interested in learning more about European Union Citizenship, its associated rights and opportunities, or enhancing your Data Literacy skills? The 4EU+ Alliance offers two certified courses for Charles University students and employees.

Gaming moves the world, we move gamers!


We are uncovering a world where passion for gaming and sport meet. If you love both, GSPORT is for you! Register your team by JAN 7, 2024, compete for 10,000 EUR, and become a legend in both worlds!


For our PhD students

Survival Czech 2


NOV 14 - DEC 14 Ahoj, jmenuji se…. If you are a PhD student who has finished Survival Czech: Language Course for Beginners, join our second following up webinar. This course will focus on apologies, time expressions, or daily routine.

Writing a Research Article: Abstract


NOV 20 Every academic text is supposed to have an abstract. But what should the abstract contain and how to write it appropriately? Keep calm and come to one workshop from our cycle, especially aiming at one of the researcher's burdens.

Writing a Research Article: Discussion Section & Literature Review


DEC 4 A discussion section is one part of the academic text conclusion. What is its feature, and how to connect it with the literature review? Find the way in our workshop with Eleanor Lurring!

Proofreading Service of Czech Texts


Are you a PhD student meant to write an academic text in Czech and need clarification on the quality of your language? Try our proofreading service! We will correct your spelling, punctuation, and style for free.

Doctoral Study Hub


DSH is a platform for all postgraduate students that gives you access to courses, seminars, and workshops. It helps to develop your scientific career and provide information for completing your dissertation.

University Centre for the Care of the Soul


Join our monthly meditation sessions, workshops, and seminars with experienced guides. Or make a reservation and come to have conversations about the life of the soul.


Going Native

On Friday, the 17th of November, Czechia celebrates the Day of Freedom and Democracy and International Student Day.

This day commemorates two important events in modern history. In 1939 there was a riot by university students which was suppressed by the Nazi security forces. To mark the 50th anniversary of this student revolt, a commemorative gathering of students was planned in 1989, but it turned into an anti-regime demonstration and the overthrow of the communist regime in former Czechoslovakia.

For you, it means not only that there are no classes on that day, but you can also celebrate it. The annual celebrations are always packed with a multitude of events, ranging from cultural festivities to political protests.


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