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  • Interest in foreign study programs more than doubles

Interest in foreign study programs more than doubles

By Jan Velinger

October 2, 2018

Interest in studying in foreign study programs at Prague’s Charles University significantly increased over the last five years. While in 2012/2013 the number of applications stood at 2,600 the number has since risen to the current 6,400. Some 970 students from abroad successfully enrolled.

Charles University's Rector Tomáš Zima and Vice-Rektor Milena Králíčková at press event at CU on October 2, 2018.
Charles University's Rector Tomáš Zima and Vice-Rektor Milena Králíčková at press event at CU on October 2, 2018.

The news was confirmed on Tuesday by the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs Milena Králíčková at an event marking the start of the new academic year.

Afterwards, she told me more about factors that had played a role.

“I think the increase of applications from abroad, especially from European countries, is due to not only the high quality of foreign language programs that we have, but also due to the large amount of work we have put into letting the world know about them.

“We take part in a program called Study in Prague and also an initiative called Study in the Czech Republic.

“We really are trying hard to attract students from abroad and we believe that the study programs here have a lot to offer and are extremely interesting for them.”

Can we talk about one or two where they can apply?

“As an example I would choose general medicine and dentistry which have been realised at Charles University for years and have seen many hundreds of successful alumni and I would also mention the Faculty of Social Sciences where we have study programs which are oriented towards the social sciences, marketing and PR, as well as other areas which are also very attractive.”

Just a basic question about the lingua franca: are most of the programs in English?

“The majority are in English but we do also offer programs in Spanish, German and Russian.”

As far as the make-up of different countries is concerned, Germany is in first place?

“Yes, Germany is first, followed by Great Britain, Portugal, Norway and Israel. Sweden also places highly.”

This is obviously positive news for CU but I suppose there is always more that can be done: what are areas that can still be worked on or areas that can be focussed on to get the word out even more?

“One thing we are working on is a university ‘buddy system’ to help newcomers establish links between faculties at different universities quicker. And we are working with our students right now to make social life for foreign students here even better and more pleasant.”

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