Process for postgraduate study

Written application

Attached documents

  • A verified copy of the diploma or other adequate proof of completed studies, issued by the international university/college

  • A verified copy of the list of examinations passed during the postgraduate studies, or of a diploma supplement, plus certified translations of both documents to the Czech language (the translation isn’t required if the original version is in English)

  • A dissertation or doctoral thesis, or an abstract thereof, in Czech or English (no need for the certified translation). May be submitted in the electronic form.

  • List of citations and publications of the applicant, especially in impacted papers (or a professional CV focused on expert and research activities)

  • Letter of authorization, if the applicant is represented by a proxy (authorization template) – it’s recommended to include the phone/e-mail contact to the proxy in the application or the letter of authorization

  • The university may also require additional information, e.g. that the study program was provided by an institution authorized to provide college education.

Start and course of proceedings

The proceedings start based on a written request of a graduate from a foreign university/college (hereinafter “the applicant”), submitted via the Charles University faculty that realized the same or similar accredited study program, or directly via Charles University Rectorate. Applications submitted via the Rectorate will be passed to the relevant faculty for comments. The faculty will assess the application and presented documents (based on the extent of knowledge and skills verified by the college qualification, or based on the known level of the foreign university) and submits the comment to the Rectorate. In these proceedings, the content and extent of the foreign study is always compared to the corresponding study programs realized at Charles University.

The rector is only entitled to decide on the requests to recognize the foreign college education if this education was provided by an institution that’s a valid and recognized part of the college/university system in the country of origin. The rector will discontinue any proceedings relevant to the applications submitted by the graduates from institutions that don’t comply with these criteria.

If major differences are found in the compared study programs, this is a reason to reject the application. In this case, the rector issues a rejecting statement.

If the foreign college/university education is recognized, Charles University rector will issue a certificate of recognition of the education and of its equality with the education provided by Charles University.

Alongside the college/university education, the academic degree granted by the foreign university is also recognized. The holder of the foreign diploma is therefore only entitled to use the degree or title as stated in his/her diploma.

The statement and certificate will be sent by a recorded delivery mail to the applicant, or his/her proxy. The applicant or his/her proxy can also receive the documents in person at Charles University Rectorate.

The deadlines for the proceedings are set by the general rules of administration procedures, i.e. 30 days since the delivery. In complex cases, the deadline can be extended by 30 more days.

Within 15 days since the delivery, the applicant can appeal against the statement to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (hereinafter “Ministry of Education”). The appeal is submitted by the applicant via the rector of Charles University (Charles University Rectorate).

The rector may decide on the appeal on his own if he fully complies with the applicant’s objections. Otherwise, he submits the appeal to the Ministry of Education within 30 days.

Legalization of documents

If a verified copy or certified translation is required, the verification procedure follows the following patterns based on the country of origin and valid international agreements:

l. For countries that signed multilateral convention on judicial assistance – the documents are valid on the territory of signatory countries without any further verification. A verified diploma copy is required, together with a certified translation to Czech.

2. For countries that signed multilateral convention on simplified verification of foreign public documents (the Hague Convention): A uniform procedure of verification is set – the apostille, issued by a relevant institution of the country of diploma origin.

3. Other states – documents proving the completion of studies must be verified:

a) by the Foreign Office of the country of origin of the university/college issuing the document;

b)  by the relevant embassy of the Czech Republic.

Requirements for the verification of presented documents

The table contains a list of countries and required verification of college/university diplomas.

The issues related to the legalization and super-legalization of diplomas and certificates of studies completed abroad can be consulted with the Foreign Office of the Czech Republic, Department of Document Legalization, address: Hradčanské náměstí č.5, 125 10 Prague 1, tel. 224 182 153. The addresses of Czech embassies abroad and foreign embassies in the Czech Republic are available at the website of the Foreign Office of the Czech Republic.

Important contacts

Rectorate, Charles University

Ovocný trh č. 5, 116 36 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Consultations in opening hours only (Monday 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00, Wednesday 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00) other days by appointment only.

Mgr. Anna Hájková, phone +420 224 491 368


Mgr. Veronika Rutová, phone: +420 224 491 442


Mgr. Helena Fuxová, phone: +420 224 491 627


Ing. Iva Stehlíková, phone: +420 224 491 262


Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Higher Education Department, Karmelitská 7, 118 12 Prague 1, Czech Republic

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