Process for Programmes in Medicine

Process for Programmes in Medicine

Written application

Attached documents

Attached documents

  • Officially authenticated copy of a diploma or equivalent document issued by the foreign higher education institution;

  • Officially authenticated transcript of examinations taken, or of the diploma supplement;

  • Transcript of records of the comprehensive state final examination inclusive description of its structure unless this information is part of the Diploma Supplement.

  • Officially authenticated translations of both documents into Czech (the translations are not required if the original documents are in English);

  • Decision to grant refugee status, if applicable, where recognition of qualifications is requested by a person to whom such status has been granted;

  • Power of Attorney, where the applicant is represented by an authorized person (model power of attorney);

  • Charles University faculties may also ask for additional information to be provided, e.g. whether the degree programme was run by an institution authorized to provide higher education, or for an official document certifying the content of the higher education courses or curricula.

The Charles University can contact the foreign higher education institution where the applicant graduated in order to verify the data on applicant’s study or the authenticity of documents supplied with the application, respectively.

Diploma recognition

The procedure opens on the basis of written application of graduate of foreign higher education institution (“the applicant”) filed with the Rector’s Office of Charles University in Prague (hereinafter “CUP”). In case the graduate has filed the application with any of the faculties of medicine of CUP, that results is a substantial delay in disposing of the application. Within the procedure for recognition of foreign higher education, the contents and scope of the study abroad is compared with the study on study programme realized by a public higher education institution in the Czech Republic. All faculties of medicine of CUP consider the application in a standard uniform manner. It is meaningless to resubmit the application to another faculty of medicine, being it already once dismissed by the rector.

Disparities between the content of the compared degree programmes, or cases when a diploma was issued by an institution outside the higher education system in the country of origin, are reasons for rejecting the application. In such cases the Rector rules that the application will be rejected.

If the foreign higher education degree is recognized, the Charles University Rector issues a certificate recognizing equivalence with the corresponding degree acquired at Charles University.

Recognition of a higher education qualification implies the recognition of the academic degree awarded by the foreign higher education institution bestowed on the holder. The holder of the diploma awarded in another country may use the academic degree title (or other designation of a graduate from a higher education institution) as stated in his/her diploma; the certificate of recognition does not give the holder the right to use a Charles University degree.

The decision and certificate shall be delivered by registered personal delivery to the applicant or his/her authorized representative, respectively.

The time-frame for administrative processing is governed by a legal regulation applying to all administrative procedures in the Czech Republic, stipulating a deadline of 30 days from the date of delivery; in complex cases this period may be extended by an additional 30 days.

The applicant can appeal to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic within 15 days of the delivery of the decision. The applicant must file the appeal via the Charles University Rector (Rectorate).

If the Rector acknowledges the applicant’s objection to its full extent, he can issue a decision on the appeal himself. In all other cases, the Rector shall refer the appeal to the Ministry; this must be done within the 30-day deadline.

Legalization of documents

Where an officially authenticated copy or official translation of a document is required, the authentication requirements will differ according to the international treaties applying to the country where the original document was issued. Countries (states) can be divided into three groups:

  1. States that have signed a multilateral agreement on legal assistance – documents are valid on the territories of the signatory states without need of further authentication; an officially authenticated copy of the diploma and its official translation are required.

  2. States that are signatories to the Apostille Convention for simplified authentication of public documents (the Hague Convention). An apostille is a unified form of authentication of documents issued by the competent administrative body of the state in which the diploma was issued.

  3. Other countries – the documents attesting to the completion of a degree course must be authenticated by:


    the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the home country of the foreign higher education institution that has issued the document, and


    the diplomatic mission of the Czech Republic in the country concerned.

Requirements for authentication of submitted documents

Table containing a list of countries and required authentications of higher education diplomas.

Issues relating to legalization and superlegalization (higher authentication) of diplomas and documents certifying the completion of a degree programme abroad. can be consulted with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Legalization of Documents Section of the Consular Department; address: Hradčanské náměstí 5, 125 10 Praha 1, tel. 224 182 and 224 182 153. For addresses of Czech diplomatic missions and of foreign diplomatic missions in the Czech Republic, see the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

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