Biomechanical aspects of interaction of man and environment

Biomechanical aspects of interaction of man and environment

Biomechanics researches into questions of the functional and structural response of connective tissues, organs and systems to a dynamical stress field. The aim of the research is a mathematical expression of rheological parameters of thermo‑visco‑elastic tissue structures (ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles). The output is then a parametrical expression of artificial materials (nanomaterials – scaffolds, implants) as the inputs for their production; the recommendation of stress programs during restoration of the organism after an injury or an operation; and reconditionIng procedures. Another focus is on issues concernIng the motor interactions of man (with an emphasis on concrete tasks with respect to work security, transport, ballistic safety and the safety of free‑time activities, e.g. sport), and the development of physiotherapeutic products (e.g. unstable electro‑mechanical platforms, motion splints). The department is recognized as an Expert Institute of Forensic Biomechanics of Charles University in Prague – the application of biomechanics into the area of justice, the law and expert evidence.

Selected outputs

  • Adamec, J., Jelen, K., Kubový, P., Lopot, F., & Schuller, E. Forensic biomechanical analysis of falls from height using numerical human body models. Journal of ForensicSciences, 2010, 55(6),1615–23

  • Jelen, K., Šorfová, M., Tlapáková, E., Billich, R., eds: Biomechanical reflection of human hypokinetic stress and its identificators, Praha: Karolinum, 2012. ISBN 978-80-86317-93-9

  • Bačáková, M., Lopot, F., Hadraba, D., Varga, M., Žaloudková, M., Stránská, D., Suchý, T., & Bačáková, L. Effects of fiber density and plasma modification of nanofibrous membranes on the adhesion and growth of HaCaT keratinocytes. Journal of Biomaterials Applications.[Epub ahead of print] Retrieved from: (2014)

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