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Catalogue of investment opportunities (KIP) is a portfolio associating products, special offers of contract research and other forms of investment opportunities covering all faculties of Charles University in Prague.

Every year we register new innovative technologies and the portfolio is constantly updated. CPPT considered as the most effective form of cooperation personal contact with the company, when we identify specific areas of your interest.

Below listed technologies are not an absolute list of our portfolio and we are pleased to establish cooperation with other companies. Contact


Heat Exchanger with Laminariser

Heat Exchanger with Laminariser is a new plastic product with a promising commercial potential filling in the gap on the market - especially  of healthcare and lab equipment  products related to cooling and heating of fluids. The product has been primarily developed as a single use medical device during blood cooling and  dialyzing  procedure,  as  a  support  to  patients with  such kidney disorders that this heat exchanger  method is absolutely necessary.  Nevertheless,   it can also  be used for cooling and heating of non-aggressive fluids in relatively small volumes.

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In vivo evaluation of antituberculotic activity of agents with efficacy against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

In cooperation with the Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové (Charles University in Prague), and the Centre of Biological Defence in Těchonín, the method entitled In vivo evaluation of antituberculotic activity of agents with efficacy against Mycobacterium tuberculosis – was developed and verified. In vivo tests using this method and the unique equipment are now available also for scientists from other scientific institutions as well as for scientists from development departments of private companies.

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Homebalance is an interactive system for home-based therapy of balance disorders. This therapeutic system is aimed for patients with balance and motor skill disorders. It is also useful in therapy of patients after orthopedic surgery. The system can likewise serve wheelchair users, who can exercise on the platform in a seated position. Homebalance is suitable for use in therapy of patients of any age category, in healthcare facilities or at home.

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Oxa- and thiadiazoles useful on the treatment of drug-susceptible and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

A series of nitro-group containing oxa- and thiadiazoles with superior in vitro antitubercular activity (minimal inhibitory concentration = 0.03 – 0.5 µM), including multidrug-resistant species, with no cross-resistance with first and second line antituberculosis drugs, with low in vitro and in vivo toxicity. The institution seeks partners interested in further development of these highly active antitubercular agents.

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