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Achievements of Charles University Graduates

In this section you will find information on various prizes awarded to students for outstanding study achievements, contributions to research and development, artistic achievements, excellent results in international sports competitions, and other activities worthy of recognition. Award ceremonies such as these are always grand social occasions. Students also receive a financial reward, but even more valuable is the recognition of their achievements and the respect of their peers and teachers. The winners of these awards are nominated every year by expert academic panels, which meet to choose the most deserving work from a strongly competitive field.

The Rector’s Prize is awarded annually to the best recent graduates of Charles University in recognition of outstanding achievements in academic work, research, sport or culture. The Bolzano Prize goes to students who have produced exceptionally innovative work reaching across the boundaries of individual disciplines. The Josef Hlávka Prize is awarded to students and recent graduates who have demonstrated exceptional talent and potential in their field of study. The Prize of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports recognizes exceptional academic results, and the individual faculties also award their own Faculty Prizes for academic results and creative thinking. The Rector can confer an Extraordinary Award in recognition of an act of exceptional civic bravery or excellent research results.

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