Instructions for the Use of CU Student Cards

Effective as of 15 April 2009

  1. In September 2003, Charles University started issuing chip ID cards to its students. These chip cards contain personal data, a bar code, a photograph and a signature strip. Bearing the name of the University and its emblem (also in hologram form), they serve as evidence of the holder's relation to Charles University.

  2. Each CU student is issued with one ID card, which is valid throughout the length of his or her studies at Charles University; however, maximum validity is nine years from the beginning of the calendar year following the date of issue. The card is the property of the University and is non-transferable. Switching to another degree programme or faculty does not affect the validity of your card. When you finish or interrupt your studies, you must return your card to the University; when the period of interruption has elapsed, the card will be returned to you free of charge. Before handing in your card, please make sure you have been to a CU refectory cash desk and collected any remaining money from your account in the Catering System of CU Dormitories and Refectories.

  3. When you are first issued with a CU student card, you can choose between the simple CU Student Card and the CU-ISIC Student Card (International Student Identity Card). CU Student Cards are issued free of charge; a CU-ISIC Student Card costs CZK 230 (this sum is used to cover the overhead costs of the ISIC scheme). Extending the validity of your CU card as an International Student Identity Card (indicated by a hologram sticker on its reverse side) also costs CZK 230. If you later ask for a replacement of your simple CU Student Card with a CU-ISIC Student Card, the replacement will cost the same as the issue of a duplicate card (e.g. in case of loss, see 6).

  4. The holders of CU student cards (both simple CU cards and CU-ISIC cards – below referred to simply as “cards”) receive vouchers confirming the validity of the card in the given academic year and the student's enrolment at a particular faculty. The vouchers are normally distributed free of charge by the study departments of the faculties where the students register for the given academic year. The voucher is valid from 1 July before the beginning of the academic year printed on it to 31 October following the end of that academic year. Without a valid voucher, the card cannot be used as proof of CU student status. Some CU faculties (or contractual partners such as teaching hospitals etc.) may require not only a valid CU card, but also a voucher confirming the student's enrolment at the given faculty to enable the student to access certain buildings and facilities or to use equipment, IT technology and services.

  5. There are three card service centres in Prague, one in Hradec Králové and one in Plzeň. Apart from issuing ID cards to new students and staff members, these card service centres also sell ISIC validation stickers, issue duplicate cards and issue passwords for access into the CU Central Authentication Service.

  6. If your card is stolen, lost or damaged, you can get a duplicate at any card service centre and a new voucher from your faculty. The cost of a duplicate card, a new voucher or holder is as follows: CU Student Card - CZK 200, CU-ISIC Student Card - CZK 430, voucher - CZK 20, transparent card holder - CZK 10. The above does not apply when you need a new card because of a change in personal data or a technical failure for which you are not responsible. In these two cases you also need to contact a CU card service centre.

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