Heat exchange laminariser


Heat exchange laminariser

The Technology

Heat Exchanger with Laminariser is a new plastic product with a promising commercial potential filling in the gap on the market - especially  of healthcare and lab equipment  products related to cooling and heating of fluids. The product has been primarily developed as a single use medical device during blood cooling and  dialyzing procedure,  as  a  support  to  patients  with  such kidney disorders that this heat exchanger  method is absolutely necessary.  Nevertheless,   it can also  be used for cooling and heating of non-aggressive fluids in relatively small volumes. Typically this would be pharmaceutical, chemical or food industry.

Thanks to its patented construction,  it is possible to prepare a customised version for any specific usage from the above mentioned industries while adjusting size and volume. The current market does not offer a comparable product even though its potential application can be rather wide. The commercial potential will significantly grow once clinical testing of the particular treatment method using the device has been completed.

The heat exchanger with laminariser is currently protected  by  a  Czech  patent,  a  Czech  utility model (both granted) and by the following submitted applications: PCT, European, US and Eurasian  patent  applications.  The  international IP protection has been funded from the OP Research and Development for lnnovation project "Support to Pre-seed activities of Charles University Outside of Prague", reg. No. CZ.1.05/3.1.00/13.0284.

The initial basic research, first pre-prototypes, Czech IP protection and PCT application were funded  by research grant within Charles University MSM0021620819. The heat exchanger has been developed by the research team of the Institute of Biophysics at School of Medicine in Pilsen of Charles University.

The main advantages

The heat exchanger has been primarily developed as a single use medical device. This represents the main reason why it is constructed from biocompatible plastics which at same time reduces production costs and therefore its final  price. Although the plastic does not offer the most ideal thermal features, a compensating solution has been applied using the specific construction of the laminariser. The other application fields allow repeated use of the device which additionally reduces usage costs.

The current market does not offer a product with comparable features even though the demand is expected. The strong advantage is the prediction that commercial potential will significantly grow once clinical testing has been completed for the particular treatment  method using the device with  patients with such kidney disorders that this heat exchanger method is absolutely necessary.

IP Protection

  • Czech patent granted

  • Czech utility model granted

  • European patent application

  • US patent application

  • Eurasian patent application

Cooperation offer

We are seeking a commercial partner interested in contractual collaboration and research and /or licensing of the relevant IP portfolio as well specific know-how related to the potential mass production of the device.

Research team leader

Additional information

EEN offer

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