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Charles University offers free studies for immigrants/refugees

To the refugees who have been granted the asylum and the right of residence in the Czech Republic, Charles University offers to exempt the tuition fees for the paid study programs in English. The necessary condition is the successful pass of the admission procedure, including a test in English, and the completion of additional conditions as defined by the admission procedure.

The following Charles University faculties offered their study programs in English for the aforementioned use: Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Humanities, and Faculty of Arts.

Charles University will also provide for the accommodation of these students, using their sources in the dormitories.

We expect that the aforementioned offer will concern about 10 students with the immigrant/refugee status, and that these students can join the study groups with regular foreign students of paid accredited programs in English.

By: Press and PR Office

Published: 24 August 2015

Published: 31st August 2015

More Charles University faculties join the original four. The refugees who will get the asylum and right of residence in the Czech Republic will be invited to study in the faculties of medicine, and the Faculty of Science.

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