Theology, Philosophy, and Reflection of Art as Ways of Interpreting the Reality

Theology, Philosophy, and Reflection of Art as Ways of Interpreting the Reality

The Catholic Theological Faculty focuses on the important task of interpreting the reality while using instruments of various disciplines in order to receive a unified image. Theological research aims at interpreting history and the present in respect to transcendence, i.e. the mystery of being, which is not fully accessible through mere rationality; it needs to be complemented by the hermeneutics of faith. Philosophical questioning reveals what is not self‑evident in being, and is related to the essential appeal of man on the level of his freedom and his responsibility. Reflection of art offers the scope of aesthetic grasp of reality and its mediation through a new creative act. Unifying these three disciplines enables more complex interpreting of the reality as related to the truth, the beauty, and the good.

Selected outputs

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