Collective memory as a theoretical and research concept

Collective memory as a theoretical and research concept

A research group centred around the UNCE workplace pays attention to the issue of collective memory in its socio‑cultural, political and historical context in the 20th century. The multidisciplinary approach and cooperation of the project exceeding the boundaries of institute and faculty is typical.

Research topics include:

  • Memory of Totalitarian Regimes

  • Traumas of post‑conflict societies (the Holocaust, the civil war in Yugoslavia, colonialism)

  • The role of memory in international relations and cultural diplomacy

  • Memory in art, education and culture.

Selected outputs

  • ASAVEI, M., A. Aesthetics of Resistance and Persistance. In: Serban, A. (ed.), Ion Grigorescu the Artist with a Single Camera. Berlin: Sterngerg Press, 2013, 188-213.

  • BAUER, P. Culture espace et mémoire le long de la frontière de l’ancien rideau de fer. Revue d’Allemagne et des pays de langue allemande, Tome 44, 2014, n°2, 199-218.

  • MATĚJKA, O. Uses of a Generation: The Case of the Czech 68ers. In Berghoff, H., Jensen, U., Lubinski, C., Weisbrod, B. (eds.). History by Generations. Generational Dynamics in Modern History. Göttingen 2013, 258-278.

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